Very low transaction fees
CallistoNFT Standard
The main advantages of CallistoNFT over the existing ERC721 are:
Built-in “trades”
there is no need to rely on third-party marketplaces for NFTs now, you can express your willingness to sell/buy a specific NFT right through the token contract!
Monetization for NFT creators
not third-party marketplaces — NFT developers/creators can now earn a % fee on these built-in trades instead of the marketplaces that traditionally did this
Communication model
Communication model for smart contracts - “events” are very standard practice in programming and the key feature for programm-to-programm communication models. However, ERC721 lacks this feature. New standard addresses this to open up wider automatization opportunities.
Standardized properties
NFTs typically represent some unique objects and store their properties (for example bitmap for a picture or website link). These unique properties are implementaiton-specific in ERC721. CallistoNFT makes a step towards standardizing these features.
Callisto NFT Projects
SOY Charity
SOY charity
Power Car
Power Car